Every animal is different, has a different reaction, and should have their own plan that fits them.

Directions for use: Shake the bottle well prior to use. This little bottle is HIGHLY concentrated. Unlike most products, we don’t dilute ours (water them down), so just a little goes a long way. Depending on the size of your dog, you’ve got a 25-50 day supply in one bottle (that’s if you apply every single day).

For dogs < 30 lbs --> 1-2 spray                                             

For dogs > 30 lbs --> 2-4 spray

Apply by petting directly in/around your dog’s ears, affected areas (if applicable), and then rub into their belly. Start by applying twice daily. Do not apply more than 3 times daily. It’s okay for your dog to roll around, lick, or react after being sprayed. However, if you notice excessive sneezing or any other abnormal reaction, discontinue use immediately and please contact us. If you try this for a week straight and don’t see noticeable results… Don’t panic, usually a few minor tweaks are the difference between not seeing much for results and seeing major results. For example, if you were applying 4 sprays twice daily, without results, try 3 sprays once daily for a week. Email me if you have any questions, I’m here to help dana@petrelief.us

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