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Meet our Team Leader, Dana Derricks, a goat farmer from Wisconsin! I bet you were not expecting that?! 

Dana...a.k.a. "The Copywriting Professor" is a direct response copywriter and an advertising and marketing expert. He truly is one of a kind! Not only is Dana an amazing boss but also an amazing person. He spends a lot of his time volunteering with Meals on Wheels, Special Olympics, Big Brothers Big Sisters and many more!

Dana developed and launched Pet Relief's amazing products in 2015. Since then, Pet Relief has been a top seller on Amazon and recently went live on Chewy.com! 




Hi all! I'm Ashley, the dog happy director of the amazing company, Pet Relief. I joined the team in May 2017.  I love spending time with my very energetic three-year old son, husband,  yellow lab and bunny Sassy.

I have always had a passion of animals, especially dogs. My yellow lab, Hannah, was born blind and joined our family when she was 8-weeks-old. My entire family thought I was nuts for wanting a "blind dog"…but I fell in love! Hannah is the most loving lab and is amazing with kids. It has been such a joy to see our son adapt to her blindness and help her around with his kissing noises or attempt to snap his fingers to draw her attention. On top of being blind, at around the age of 2 Hannah began having seizures and was put on prescription medications. Hannah remained on prescription medications for many years until we finally said enough was enough this past January, there must be a healthier, safer way. She has now been seizure free for 7 months!

I look forward to spreading the word about Pet Relief and the opportunities in the horizon - I know there are great things ahead for Pet Relief. ~ Ashley



Background on Pet Relief

Pet Relief is a small, family run business who LOVES pets! We are dedicated to delivering high quality, all-natural products that work.

Production of Pet Relief started on a kitchen table in Stoughton, WI...pouring all the products from a small beaker and hoping not to spill. It did not take long for Pet Relief to hit the market and explode! Shortly after Dana had to purchase our current office in Clear Lake, WI to produce and distribute our amazing products for our web-store, Amazon and now Chewy.com! 

Our products are so good, we offer 100% money back guarantee for ANY reason if you are not satisfied. We have stacks of stories from highly satisfied customers and look forward to enhancing family pets health and happiness!

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Contact Info:

Pet Relief
PO Box 873
River Falls, WI 54022



Join Our Movement To Take Back Control Of Our Pets Health Without The Use of Prescription Medications!