We're On A Mission To Take Back Control Of Our Pets Health Without The Use of Prescription Medications! 

We've always had a passion for animals, especially dogs.

Our yellow lab, Hannah, was born blind and joined our family when she was 8-weeks-old. Our entire family thought I was nuts for wanting a "blind dog", but I fell in love!

Hannah is the most loving lab and is amazing with kids. It has been such a joy to see our son adapt to her blindness and help her around with his kissing noises or attempt to snap his fingers to draw her attention.

On top of being blind, at around the age of 2, Hannah began having seizures and was put on prescription medications. Hannah remained on prescription medications for many years until we finally said enough was enough and set out to find a healthier, safer alternative.

That's when we discovered the power of all natural alternatives and she has now been seizure free for 17 months! We look forward to spreading the word about Pet Relief so that others can experience the joy and relief of finally taking care of your little buddy, just like I did for Hannah.

Hugs and Barks,
The Thomas Family

Why We Are Different At Pet Relief? 

Pet Relief is a small, family run business who LOVES pets! We are dedicated to delivering high quality, all-natural products that work.

Our exclusive formulation has been specially made using premium ingredients which even exceeds the quality standards set for us humans. 

Meaning when you order Pet Relief you’ll receive the best dog supplements on the market giving optimal results for your furry friend.

Other reasons why Pet Relief is your ONLY option: 

💚 It Contains Zero Harmful Additives or Fillers so there no risk of upsetting your dog's bodies balance in any way.

💚It Uses A Unique Spray System: No more distressing your dog by forcing them to take hard to swallow pills or drops.

💚We Use ONLY 100% Natural, Organic Ingredients: This insures that Pet Relief is completely safe for your loved pet.

Our products are so good, we offer 100% money back guarantee for ANY reason if you are not satisfied. We have stacks of stories from highly satisfied customers and look forward to enhancing family pets health and happiness!

Drop us a line and like us on Facebook to spread our mission for healthy, happy pets without the use of dangerous drugs :)


Contact Info:
Pet Relief
1340 US Highway 287 
Broomfield, Colorado 80020


Join Our Movement To Take Back Control Of Our Pets Health Without The Use of Prescription Medications! 


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