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Directions Of Use:
Shake the bottle well prior to use. This little bottle is HIGHLY concentrated. Unlike most products, we don’t dilute ours (water them down), so just a little goes a long way. Depending on the size of your dog, you’ve got a 25-50 day supply in one bottle (that’s if you apply every single day).

For dogs < 30 lbs --> 1-2 spray                                             

For dogs > 30 lbs --> 2-4 spray

Apply by petting directly in/around your dog’s ears, affected areas (if applicable), and then rub into their belly. Start by applying twice daily. Do not apply more than 3 times daily. It’s okay for your dog to roll around, lick, or react after being sprayed. However, if you notice excessive sneezing or any other abnormal reaction, discontinue use immediately and please contact us. If you try this for a week straight and don’t see noticeable results… Don’t panic, usually a few minor tweaks are the difference between not seeing much for results and seeing major results. For example, if you were applying 4 sprays twice daily, without results, try 3 sprays once daily for a week. Email me if you have any questions, I’m here to help



What areas should I focus on when applying? Answer: For the products that you apply directly to your dog, focus on the belly and in/around the ears.

Are all Pet Relief products a 1 size fits all? Answer: No, every dog reacts differently to the oils so it's difficult to try go with a '1 size fits all' type of approach. Starting out we recommend 1-2 sprays for dogs under 30 lbs and 2-4 sprays for dogs over 30 lbs. If you feel like this is not giving you the results you had wished, try increasing the amounts of sprays. It is key to make this a daily routine and use twice daily.

How do I use the Potty Training spray? Answer: Simply spray generously (4-10 sprays depending on the size of your may even try starting out with less sprays like 2 to 3) directly onto surfaces that your pet has had an accident on or that you do not want them contacting. Please be careful as some surfaces may become slippery. Do not apply more than 6 times daily and avoid spraying directly at your dog. If your pet does happen to lick the all-natural oil, that is okay as it will not harm your pet.You may also spray onto your own hands or a paper towel and distribute on the areas you would like protected. Be sure to wash your hands completely after use so your dog isn't turned off by the smell remaining on your hands. This method may also help the bottle last a little longer. 

How long should my bottle last? Answer: One bottle should last on an average of 30-45 days depending on the size of your dog and frequency of use. 

Can I use your products on my cat? Answer: Unfortunately, cats do not respond well to essential oils and some essential oils may be toxic to cats. We recommend that you only use our products on dogs.

I love your products but the earthy smell can be strong and make my dog's hair oily, is this normal? Answer: Since our products are 100% natural, they're made from nothing but what you'd find in nature. Typically, things in nature will have a smell to them if you were to find them untouched. The mild smell you experienced is because this product is all natural and has it's natural, earthy (citrusy, as most customers describe) smell. If you were looking for an odorless product, you'd have to settle for a product that's not all natural and has chemicals in it to mask the smell.

Also, since our products are 100% natural, they'll have a natural, slightly oily consistency to them. If you were to avoid applying this to the entire coat of your dog, and just focus on the belly and in/around the ears, you'd get the same result without the unwanted oiliness on your dog's coat. Otherwise, if you wanted a completely oil-free product, you'd have to settle for a product that's not all natural and that has chemicals to not leave any signs of oiliness.

It s a small trade off when using safe, all natural products. If a product being absolutely 100% odorless and having no oiliness whatsoever is at the core of what you want, then you'd have to get a product that has chemicals in it to achieve that.  

My sprayer does not work, how can I get a new one? Answer: Unfortunately 1 in about 500 sprayers don't work from the factory because the stem is blocking the flow because the factory's machine did not produce a clean cut.What we've found is that if you try taking a scissors and snipping just 1/8" off of the bottom of the sprayer stem, it may fix the problem. If this does not work, please contact us and we will get a new sprayer out to you right away!

Why are the ingredients not listed on the bottle? Answer: We do not give out the specific formulas because, if we did, there would be a dozen new competitors who would pop up and sell diluted versions of the real thing (not work) and drive us out of business. If you are concerned about your dog having an allergic reaction please contact us and we will help steer you in the right direction. 

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