"Very helpful during 4th if July! Highly recommend !!!!"   M. Adams 06/30/17

"GREAT SERVICE!!"  L. Hample 04/14/17

"This stuff is great! Great smell, works well, I plan on buying another bottle when I run out!"  A. Rhodes 06/30/17
"I usually never write reviews but this one I had to. I am a returning customer. Works great on my dog and so far haven't experienced any side effects"   S. Zafar 06/10/17
"This has worked wonders for my dogs during a storm!"  C. Reeder 06/26/17
"Love the product ,has helped so much in anxiety issues we where having, able to get him to calm down more when leaving. So happy this made a huge difference . " S. Tesar 06/11/17 
"It's amazing! I left my 2.5 month old puppy by herself in the bathroom with rugs and puppy pad. She went straight to the pad to do her business." A. Cardona 06/22/17
"Our dog Lilly has had a seizure a month since she was a little over a year old. Lilly is now 7 years old. The last four seizures were Grand Mal and it was horrible to watch. I started looking for natural alternatives and found you. We have gone 3 months without a seizure and hoping if she does have one it won't be so bad. I don't have a Facebook but wanted to thank you.  It is such a blessing to know something out there may help Lilly be seizure free or at least lessen the amount she has."  T. Gaffney 6/23/17
"I got the Anxiety Relief for " Mickey", who is petrified of Storms( sits frozen with his teeth chattering). was skeptical about this product until I followed the directions. lol been using it twice a day for 2 days now and we have bad weather on its way this morning and he is just laying here sleeping. normally he is freaking out with a storm 100 miles away(barometric pressure). I am feeling good about this product so far. Will keep you posted. 😁"  B. Rowell 06/28/17
"I've been using this product off and on for about 6 months. I'm surprised to say, it works. I was very skeptical buying this, but I was running out of options. My Schnauzer/Poodle mix has extreme separation anxiety. When I leave for work, she barks endlessly. So much, that her voice is raw when I get home. She scratches the door and destroys the house. It got to the point where she started eliminating on the bed. It was awful. I tried a few things from the dog trainer, spent a ton of money on devices, the vet recommended anti-depressants and some people suggested even rehoming her.

We've come a long way from this behavior and I'm happy to say, we have found peace. I won't give all the credit to this spray, but it's definitely part of the routine (key word here). Before I leave for work, I take her on a long walk (making sure she poops), turn-on some music in the house, spray her with this spray (including her bed which is now close to the door), and as I walk out the door, I give her a treat and say "I'll see you at 5". Sounds a little nuts, but I swear, this routine works. Dog doesn't bark, hasn't eliminated on the bed, and not a single scratch on the door. And thank god because this poor girl was stressing herself into medical problems (per the Vet).

Long way of saying, I recommend this product. I just wish it was a little cheaper. :)"   RC Campisi 07/10/17
"I have a bully looks mean but if you move he's water bowl the sound would make him run, I thought his tail was defective always between his legs until I started using the anxiety relief spray his tail now stand up and wags and his noise level has improved on sudden noise I rate this a 10"  F. Austin
"I do think this has helped my dogs with their fear of fireworks. People are going crazy around us setting them off, we have one dog that is totally freaked out and continually barks and one that just deals with it. I've been using it 4 days and tonight they seemed a lot more relaxed. The smell is pleasant, I think it helps me too!! I will continue using this product."   Amazon Customer 06/29/17
"This is the 7th bottle i purchased. i never believed it would work, but I am a believer now!!!! We have four dogs and often keep my daughters very vocal pit....he remains so calm now. My Pom constantly barks at anything. She doesnt exhibit anxiety and remains calm. Our Lab was constantly licking herself, one spray and no more licking or chewing. My Doxieis hyper but one spray and he doesnt exhibit anxiety. i recommend this to everyone i know with issues like mine!! The most important benefit is my dogs have a better quality of life"   Amazon Customer 06/07/17
"I have recently tried this product as a last resort. I spray it on my hands and gently massage my dogs head, neck and belly. I don't know the reason that it works, maybe she relates the sweet smell with a relaxing rub, but it does work. This product has calmed down my dog immensely"  J. Pluess 07/10/17
"This may be a little premature to be excited about this product, as I've only had it for 2 days now. However, my dog, (recently diagnosed with hip dyspledia, and is also having weird skin issues where she has sores and her hair is falling out..) she was hardly able to walk yesterday morning. She fell 3 times just trying to get up and moving, she was clearly in immense pain (we recently ran out of our prescription meds, but I hate putting them on those! So bad for your dog...). This morning, I went to take her outside, and she got up and walked just fine. On the way back inside, she even excitedly trotted to the room!! She's only 3, she should be a bouncy energetic dog, this was huge for her! I am very excited about this product, and surprised to already be seeing results. Will update again in a few weeks on her progress with this product.
I've been doing 8 sprays in the morning and 8 sprays at night. The only thing I don't like about this product, is that it's not specific with how many sprays to give the dog.... 4-10 sprays depending on how big the dog is. Well... maybe include a chart? Since my dog is 80lb, I chose to give her 8 sprays twice a day about 12 hours apart (like I was giving the prescription meds). Seems to be working, and I know the product is natural so it's unlikely to harm your dog as long as you follow all of the guidelines and use common sense.
Now, something else to remember, is most dogs are going to hate the smell. As it's very strong smelling, so try to avoid putting it to close do their nose. My dog is used to oils, but she still hates them! On the contrary, some dogs LOVE essential oils... so it truly does depend on the dog! My other dog clearly loves the smell of this procut, because she keeps laying her head as close to the dog with this product on! Haha.
Because of the essential oils, the product may take some getting used to for your pet. I believe that's why they employ you to bond with your pet during applications, to make the experience more enjoyable. Dogs can be stressed out with anything new sometimes, so give the product a bit to take action - I think I only saw results so fast because my dog knows exactly what essential oils are and her system is used to them.
Will most definitely be purchasing again, fantastic product, great price too! The company in general looks very great and I am excited to look into other products they have!?    Amazon Customer 07/17/17
"Hi, just wanted to let you know how well the relief spray worked. We have a 6 month old Cavachon, Scooter. We flew from CO to Oregon and the spray helped a great deal. There were several long car rides in addition to the plane ride and Scooter did great! He only got sick once which is a miracle for him. We've used it at home, once,  to relax him. It works well, I would recommend this product."  J. Botelho 07/17/17